Monday, August 27, 2012

The Gokwe Kid – All of it!

It is all good news! I am so excited. Part Two is now uploaded. Part One was also uploaded again due to a couple of small details that needed attending to. 
Price of Part Two is a little bit more because you get a heck of a lot – 21 hilarious/tragic, action packed new chapters. This book is unquestionably the most original story ever to be written about the Rhodesian Bush War. (And so says all of me.)

I have put them on the right hand side. Just click the image.

You can use any kind of digital reader. Also the PC. The apps are free. Click the image on the right.

Also – I notice that asking to be my friend simply clogs up the normal feed. I am never going to see anything you write. The best way is to join the Facebook Gokwe Kid group. That way I see you and can reply and comment etc. The link is on the right as well.

About Part Two –

The ‘Look Inside’ bit of the Kindle edition on Amazon duplicates Chapter 17 and 18 from Part One. I did this deliberately because there was no way I was allowing Chapter 19 (the actual start of Part Two) to go out there for every Tom, Dick and Harry to read for free. That chapter – The Great Battle of Gokwe took months to put together. I had to get hold of as many people as I could that were involved. Quite a bit of detective work, I tell you. And it is one heck of a story, especially since outside a small circle, no one knows about it.

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I will try to keep up to speed here. However, I am under huge stress with university exam deadlines at the moment.

Also, after some musings, I have decided that the print version will come out as one book. But it is going to be rather large – maybe 420 plus pages. Loads of lovely pictures as well.
Price, not sure yet, but it will be under £10. I cannot go much less. Even at £9.99, I am lucky if I get 75 pence!

That is at any moment on the way to the printers and I await the proof copy.
Stay cool and enjoy the amazing story of the greatest bush detective of all time. (sic)
Catch ya all soon and I await massive sales with baited bated breath.

Oh – if you can’t see ‘Look Inside’ in Part Two; that is because it will still take a few hours to get into the system. It only went live this morning.