Monday, January 30, 2012

Mugabe – My Part In His Victory

I just realised that I have spent days messing about and making myself ill with the nonsense. I think that the thirty odd pages I wrote and scanned and combined was no good. Very depressing. But then just when I thought I had really lost the way, I came across another satirical Rhodesian writer. He has written a book called Mugabe – My Part In His Victory. I gather that he has published under a pseudonym of Chris Walmsley. 
There is a bit on Amazon here and I was well impressed. It also gave me an inkling where I was going wrong – mainly I didn’t need to go into so much historical detail, no matter how ‘basic’ I made it - there was too much. So I will scrap it all and just keep it very seemples.

I feel much better now. So back to work…

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Anonymous said...

The writing on your blog shows talent.
Don't give up.