Friday, August 12, 2011

Anarchy in the UK – the Rhodesian solution.

Well well, what an exciting week! Looting in Luton, shooting in Tooting and London burning. Rhodesians worldwide were quick to offer support on how to solve the problem with these naughty youngsters known as ‘Yobs’ for a better PC correct terminology. Some of the ideas floated around were rather sound, but ‘String the fuckers up!’ may have been legally allowed back in the good old days of Rhodesia, after all we were gentlemen and not the Ku Klux Klan, but to be honest, hanging is sadly banned in the UK.

Another idea was put them in the army. Great idea, they can go looting marijuana fields in Afghanistan. ‘Bring back the birch!’ was another good suggestion. I am not sure about birch as I was beaten with a bamboo cane. My headmaster had quite a selection of weight and sizes in an umbrella stand in his office. But, here in the UK they banned this practice also.

Some said if they love burning cars so much, let them have a South African tyre necklace to light up their dark lives and make it a new event for the London Olympics. The 100 meter flash dash or the singeing sprint. The winner gets a fire hydrant.

Below are three very short clips of some of the looters and rioters in action. Watch these and then decide what should be done with them…

AND, this just has to go to number one. It is from 1976, the year I arrived back in Rhodesia to start my own ANARCHY…hah hah hah

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