Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Technology- It Sucks!

I do not own a so called ‘Smart Phone’. Why should I pay out money I do not have for an object which is just like my computer, screen, mouse, speakers, router, webcam and telephone, all stuffed into a flattened packet of cards? Daft.

You know what this means? I will tell you. It is the same as trying to cook sausage, egg, bacon and chips in a tea cup; whilst it sings to you about your cholesterol and at the same time you’re talking to someone who wants to sell you a policy for paying towards your funeral. Do I care who pays for it when I am dead? Let the bastards spit on my pauper’s grave. On top of that, you can upload the entire webcammed mess onto Youtube!

My mobile phone is very simple to use. I turn it on and if it rings, I push a button and answer. I do not have to use the button to phone out because it seems to be broken and just says
            ‘You only have 3p credit, please arrange a top up.’
No idea what that’s about. So, whilst we are on the subject of technology…

My poor heart! Yes, it nearly stopped again. Only a few tins of beer and a rum and coke could revive it. I managed to delete (as in gone/disappeared/hypercyperdefrag) all my work on the upcoming super doper website from the last three days. This was rather devastating. Then, after recovering, I went about creating a montage of pictures. After many hours I concluded throwing a smart phone out the window is a lot easier than afore mentioned alternative. Hence I am still at it. I do not want to pain you with my pain - I save that for my memoir.

Aah – memoir. How is that going? No idea- I can’t remember! Lol. No, seriously now – the proofreading is coming along nicely. I still need a cartoonist though. Meanwhile, I fight with the tech shit. I think I am too old for this…

Till later.

Lore – Last of the Rhodesians

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Dan said...

I have written this comment using a smart phone. Stop moaning, technophobe.