Friday, April 15, 2011

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Last of the Rhodesians: Chronicles of an African Anarchist: Update

I was very ill with my ‘nerves’ the other day. I couldn’t fathom what was wrong with me outside of my usual mental instability. It took a friend from the Open University to spot my ailment. I was suffering a massive adrenalin withdrawal.

Now this is interesting because, as I point out in my book, I am allergic to the stuff. This sounds like a Dr Doolittle Push-me-Pull-you. Basically, she spotted that I had reached… ‘The End’

Yeah, it is done. All 61 chapters, as it stands. The End. But it is not the end. Because I know I have to go over it all again. And that was what I was frightened of. All of a sudden, I was petrified to have actually believed it was good.

Well, I have started going over it again. Not for the second time. Bits of it are several rewrites, but it is the second ‘real’ edit as much as my ability. After this, I need an outside expert to do the editing and proofreading. I no longer ‘see’ any mistakes.

Is it good? Yes it is.

Funny, but the other day, I was looking at different book sizes and counting the lines and letters on a page to get the idea of creating a book about 300 pages long. It was a John Grisham book. I studied the layout: size of fonts, space between lines etc. You will be amazed how you can trick a story size just by the way it is printed. I then quickly scanned two paragraphs of pose. It was simple prose. So I have no worries there. My prose could be read by a simpleton.

I have loads of plans. As soon as the final edit is done, whilst I wait for it to come back from the cleaners, I will start on a dedicated website. There will be loads of pictures, more anecdotes from me and (hopefully)others that were in the BSAP  Meanwhile, please click a ‘LIKE’ on a Facebook page called…

There isn’t much up there at the moment. Give me time, this is all very stressful!

 Many thanks, and I will keep you all posted on the progress.

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