Wednesday, December 08, 2010

War of the Words : WikiLeaks finances VISA and PAYPAL and AMAZON

Satirists think faster than journalists – we are clever because we have never thought we would ever be muzzled, killed maybe, trodden underfoot, have our bitter tasting tongues ripped out and had the ‘pen and pencil’ that was given as a present for all mankind… snatched back… taken away…till now!

With amazing dexterity, the US of Arseholes has declared war yet again. This time it is against us, the people who adore the ability to post complete shite, tittle-tattle and rub bad peoples’ noses in their own muck. There will be big trouble over this – not so much the leaked documents (till now), or the ‘rape’ accusations against Julian Assange, but the Yanks war against freedom of speech, the very thing they are supposed to protect!

As you can see by the screen shots, ( Click on for enlargements.) these firms who have cut services to WikiLeaks, are actually quite happily cashing in on it all. Amazing! I struggle for a simile – It’s like the German government paying for stolen Luxembourg bank account details to catch tax dodgers – and get away with it.   

Will I close my accounts with Visa and Paypal and stop buying from Ebay and Amazon? The answer is a resounding YES - if I find some other place cheaper. Some clever bastard with too much money lying around could set up LeakyBay with payments via WikikedPal and replace Amazon’s dominance with WizzOnMon and base the lot in China.


WikiLeaks post list of vulnerable targets for terrorists!

Now, I am quite the expert in counter-insurgency, COIN, to coin a phrase. If I need a list of targets to terrorise, I could jot hundreds down on the back of fag packet between the logo and smoking kills, in two minutes.

My favourite has always been driving a fully loaded petrol delivery tanker into the Hofbrauhaus Tent on the opening day of the Oktoberfest. That will teach the bastards for punching me in the eye. (Long story.) Hah-hah, take that.

Still, on second thoughts, I will cancel that one. The idea was I let the tanker bleed petrol, then I jump out just as it careers down the short grassy hill (this at the BACK of the tent,where the drunks vomit and sleep it off) and it ploughs insanely driverless into the thousands of tourist binge drinkers singing along with the Bavarian folk band, ‘Hey Wiki Ooh Ahh will you be my burl’. The gushing hose would spray around like a giant cobra spitting alien acid, and then…then the highly flammable vapours would ignite instantly amongst the tobacco and pot smoking pissheads and …whoosh! Hah-hah....yeah, get that ya bastards and er...(well it's more fun than counting sheep).

But, they banned smoking this year. Oh well…back to the drawing board…any one got a spare fag packet?

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Hanny said...

I thought it interesting that with the first Wikileaks release (the one with military data), the US government just huffed and puffed, but with the second (the one that embarrasses politicians), everybody decided that it was time to gag Assange and shut down the site. So everything's okay, as long as you don't humiliate HIllary Clinton?
Most of my countrymen that I speak to are for Wikileaks, but I live in a liberal part of the US.