Thursday, December 16, 2010

Assange and Bin Laden : Modus Operandi - Birds of a feather?

I was thinking - and this idea popped up into my head. Both these men have uncanny common threads in this present setting of planetary conflict - cyber or otherwise.

It works like this. Both –

  1. are shadowy figureheads of organisations in conflict with western governments – mainly the United States of America.
  2. are perceived either as brilliant fighters for freedom from infidels/suppressers/ etc etc or….are simply megalomaniacal terrorists bowed to destroy ‘our way of life’. (Answer on a postcard – see if you can quote Ian Smith on that one.)
  3. should they be captured or eliminated would be the same as putting out fire with gasoline. Plenty more ‘nutters’ would sign up to the ‘causes’. The leaders both planned well for the possible inevitable, by making their loosely connected cell groups almost impossible to catch and if caught - the information ‘water-boarded’ out would generally lead to a large pond with no rivers connecting to the sea.
  4. have no fixed abode.
  5. are accused by perceived enemies of ‘radicalising’ their supporters.
  6. at least once, peed their name in the snow. And you can do this too at and you can send messages with this program in secret wee code. Be quick before we get bombed by drones.
  7. are incredibly locked in a perpetual cycle of cause and effect.

Interesting hey! But that is where it ends.

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