Sunday, July 04, 2010

Germany World Champions in Free Televisions

I seem to have recovered some what to be able to write this. Any one watching the game Germany against Argentina yesterday must have thought they were actually watching football for the first time. This was football at its finest. It is not to say that Marodonna’s team were rubbish, but they were simply and magnificently outclassed.

Now Germany’s young multi-cultural team are all of a sudden hot favourites to lift the title for the fourth time and their striker, Klose, may equal or better Ronaldo’s 15 goals.

But…some Germans will not be very happy if their team win. One group are the marketing geniuses from Media Markt, one of Europe’s biggest electronic retailers.
They started a campaign prior to the start of the World Cup, with an interesting offer – buy a TV over 500 Euro and bet how far Germany would go. For example - reaching the semi-final, you received 20% back. For winning, you get the TV for free!
It will be interesting to see if they were clever enough to have planned some kind of insurance policy..tee-hee.

The other group are the ones who are now wishing they had bought the TV and are sick as Argentinean parrots…hah hah.

My prediction for the final - Germany 3 – Holland 1

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Anonymous said...

For us Australians, the best thing about this result is that it proves that Australia is better than Argentina, because what we did with only ten men, it took the Argentinians eleven.

On the other hand I am going to miss Maradona and his antics. I could have sworn he had to be reminded that he was the coach and he was not allowed to run on the field.