Monday, February 01, 2010

Precious? It’s Priceless!

Is this the best film critique ever?

I laughed so loud reading this. It is a piece of brilliant satire, and the author’s use of the English language is awesome. I hadn’t heard of the man until now. I know I will not read any of his comments on dubious films I happen to like. Such as the two that had me recently weeping drunkenly over my university set books – Akeelah and the Bee and The Freedom Writers Diary.

He would make me flagellate myself with guilt, before slashing my wrists!

You might have to look up some of the words he uses – I did, and it makes it all the worth while.

Dr Sukhdev Sandhu was educated at Oxford and has taught English literature at New York University. He won the British Press Awards for best critic in 2005. He is the author of London Calling: How Black and Asian Writers Imagined A City . Currently chief film critic of the Daily Telegraph, he also writes for the London Review of Books and Modern Painters.

Thank goodness he happens to be a British-Asian, for had this verbal dissesection been done by a British-Caucasian-Heterosexual-Lesbian-Gay-Transvestite-Evangelical-Atheist- 90hour a week self-employed; he/she would have been accused of stereotyping anarchistic xenophobic racialism.

I for one can’t wait to (er... meet a man in the pub, who has a dodgy copy of the film and left it accidently in my jacket pocket), watch it

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