Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thieving Slimy Swines

I awoke this morning with a plan – join the dots on my essay and be well on the way to complete my assignment. This is all about Peter Pan. What happened today made me wish that I had never grown up (er..that, is debatable), and in Neverland, instead of pirates to kill, they are all Chinese scam artists.

All day, so far, I have spent cleaning yellow infested scum from my PC. Why? Well, they (as in Made in China), have little else to do but wiggle their way into my computer and steal all my Hotmail contact address (it is now empty) and use them to tell everyone I have an iPhone. I do not own such a machine and if I did, I wouldn’t send dumb-ass Emails to everyone to tell them. Now if I found more brain cells - that would be something else.

I have now spent considerable time trying to find out what the problem is. No one is really sure, but as a result I have changed passwords, ran anti-virus scan (found one) and ran Malware killer and found 17 thingy-my-bobs etc. I am not amused.

So apologies to those who received the strange message, and hopefully this is sorted out. Gave me quite a scare, I tell you! Web forums are abuzz about this Chinese PC swine flu, even hinting that it seeks out your saved passwords in the browser.

I would like to win the lottery, save that naughty man the British Government wants to send to America to stand trial for breaking into their military computers whilst looking for aliens, and employ him to seek out the bastards responsible for this and send them back a virus so strong - it will blow up their entire office complex.

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