Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

I notice that according to my Goolgle analytics, traffic is coming along nicely. More comments would be nice.

Now 2010 hasn’t started at all well with me. My complaints would make Ryan Air customer ranting on Facebook appear negligible. I am not really sure where to start.

Well, for starters, some of you might be wondering why part three of The Legend of the Three Silly Junk Bikes hasn’t been put up yet. I have tried several times and I suppose this is where all my troubles began. I have always struggled with the formatting on my blog. It now seems that Google and Microsoft have taken their childish war to new absurd heights.

Every time I cut and paste from Word into the blog, the formatting gets completely screwed. Even the painful manual restructuring no longer works. I checked this out on the web and it appears this problem is not only well known, but no one seems to have a solution. I tried saving in different formats – to no avail. Basically what appears to be the case is that Word’s html fights with Google’s html and try as you might, they flatly refuse to co-operate.

One very bright spark explained how you insert between this tab and that tab within the html and I gave up after smoking my fifth tab to calm my nerves. The best advice was to give up and start a new blog on another provider. I think I will have to do this.

I thought I could be really clever and cut and paste Word into Openoffice, and maybe trick Google but, guess what? Every time I try to download Openoffice, the PC crashes. To make my life more miserable, the laptop crashes every time I open Adobe photoshop. All I want to do is make a picture smaller. Tried using windows paint, and all it does is make it smaller. Okay, I realise this is what I want, but it is not very clever landing up with the top right hand corner of the original.

I give up!

I hope to have a solution soon. In the meantime I am taking to my bed.

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Stefan said...

Technology conquers man in this future age! Actually, a blog entry entitled "The Legend of the Three Silly Junk Bikes: Part 3" starting with "In the conclusion of this amazing story of childhood stupidity..." shows up in my list of followed blogs, but clicking the link results in the internet telling me there is no such thing! Hopefully this new year will change its course, after all I was looking forward to another bit of good reading.