Sunday, March 30, 2008

While We Wait

Yes, I know. You are all on tenterhooks waiting for the results of the Zimbabwe election. At the moment the only news to be had is 15,000 pieces of baggage are stacked up in a huge mountain at the new terminal 5 at Heathrow airport. Presumably they belong to fleeing ZANU (PF) hierarchy members. A search of various web sites has produced comments from all three presidential candidates saying the same thing, ‘I won’, ‘I won’, and ‘I won’ and ‘Any one fancy some won-ton soup?’

This is nail-biting stuff. Well, it is for us, as the Zimbabweans ate all their fingernails years ago! In fact, an old Rhodesian expression ‘fancy a good nailing?’ which did mean getting a hiding, has now become a Zimbabwean invite for a cup of nail soup!

Anyway – as it is Sunday and you all have time on your hands, you thought it might be informative to pop into lore’s blog and see if he has some updates. Well I have. I managed to get today’s exchange rate. As you can imagine, due to the circumstances it is a little volatile –

1US$ is equal to Photobucket Zimbabwe Dollars. (Er, the counter ran out of digits, so please add four zeros)

Also, for a bit of a laugh - I came across this interesting website with the name Uncyclopedia. It is a very clever spoof of Wikipedia.

Check out this entry –

and this one

and, sadly, last but not least –

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