Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Bad JuJu

I have been reading more articles regarding the absurd story of the Zimbabwean rock that pumped diesel out. What beggars belief is that the whole farce took in so many, including some of the mightiest political elite of Mugabe’s politburo.

What is the most alarming is that despite decades of western influence, the power of the Spiritualist is still deeply ingrained in the African mindset.

A lot of them were active during the bush war. As early as 1972 a Rhodesian Special Branch H.Q memorandum too its branches, warned of their growing influence and urged that spirit mediums be given ‘maximum possible attention.’

Many Rhodesian Whites towards the end of the ‘70s also looked elsewhere for ‘divine’ information. A certain clairvoyant, Bill McLeod, became rather popular by cleverly focusing on ideologically-sound forecasts. Two successes included the downing of the viscounts and Margaret Thatcher’s election. By 1980 more and more White Rhodesians wanted to believe him. However he predicted a Muzarewa win, Edward Kennedy as the US President and Castro to fall by the end of 1981.

(Taken from Rhodesians never die.)

We presume though that JuJu wasn’t exactly used in Ian Smith’s cabinet decision making.

Mugabe’s lot actually, desperately WANTED to believe that the 'spirit medium', also known as Nomatter Tagarira, (No Matter!) could solve the entire nation’s economic crisis.

The whole farce went on almost a year with the woman being showered with money, farms, cattle etc. Even her bodyguards, hard core CIO men were frightened shitless of her.

In last weeks copy of The New Zimbabwe, a UK based free newspaper, it contained several large adverts by clairvoyants, phycic healers and spitualists. (Only the newsprint version.)Amongst some of the claims -

Mrs Parker- ‘I can protect you from JaDoo, JuJu, Obeya, Uganga’, which sound absolutely terrifying and thank God (God?) that because I haven’t a clue what these things are, it is highly unlikely I will suffer from them.

Mr Bilal promises – ‘protection against your enemies, court cases’ and he is the ‘master of breaking black magic.’

Sheik Amar claims – ‘god (small g) gifted African spiritualist healer’ He also claims to be hot-shot fighting black magic but goes a step further, ‘I can break the power of witch craft that might be casted on you by your enemies.’ Finally, ‘YOUR PAIN IS MY PAIN.’ Now, what is damn obvious is the spelling mistake in the last word. It should be a G instead of a P.

I thought all Zimbabweans will conclude, the problem is called Mugabe. So if they all chip in and get all these JuJu people to team together; problem solved! Or has Mugabe got maybe even a BIGGER more powerful JuJu man working for him?

Pass me a Harry Potter book someone!

God’s role in all this can be confusing. Presumably he is Number 1 Anti JuJu man and can get rid of bad JuJu. Other religions also have Number 1 Anti JuJu man. If the spells don’t work, they find some sap to send armies into counties led by men under bad JuJu influence. Like Iraq for example. Then they hang the bad man, effectively removing the evil JuJu, and everyone is happy and go off to lead JuJu free lives. That is until someone points out that its all a con and all the invaders are under a bigger and badder JuJu curse and blowing them up is the only way to free them from the JuJu.

But the biggest JuJu in the world turned this person from this

into this!

Now that is what I call very strong JuJu!


Edmund said...

Boy, the way the Bee Gees played
Movies John Travolta made
Guessing how much Elvis weighed
Those were the days
And you knew where you were then
Watching shows like Gentle Ben
Mister, we could use a man like Sheriff Lobo again
"Disco Duck" and Fleetwood Mac
Coming out of my eight-track
Michael Jackson still was black
Those were the days
Bart was feeling mighty blue
It's a shame what school can do
For no reason, here's Apu
Those were the days

Sorry I couldn't resist

Gerri said...

That was a funny post. Some Zimbabweans have gone crazy and Mugabe should have gone a long time ago. People need to get together and do something to get rid of him. Maybe his juju is to stron for anyone to contest it. He is still going strong for his age.