Monday, September 03, 2007

ZIM FEST 2007 - Eat, Drink and be Merry.

In deepening economic crisis, 2 die in Zimbabwe agriculture show stampedes

International Herald Tribune

The Associated PressPublished: September 2, 2007

HARARE, Zimbabwe: Two people died in stampedes at the exit gates of
Zimbabwe's annual agriculture show, which was packed with crowds lured by
scarce snack foods and soft drinks and stalls selling cheap Chinese toys and
consumer goods.

A woman and a child - one of scores of lost childr
en separated from family
members - died in two separate surges against the gates Saturday, police
spokesman James Sabau told state radio Sunday.

This is terrible news! Thousands of miles away, on the same day in London, there was another stampede, but no one died. A lot thought they were dying the next day though!

I think the organisers of the ZimFest were a little surprised by the amount of people that turned up.

I reckon there must have been close on a thousand people.

Getting a boerwors roll was to stand in a queue for two hours. Not surprising when you see there was only some old toppie on his own preparing them! By the time I got one they had run out of onions!

There were a couple of display stands but most people were only interested in one thing....BEER
Which, as can be seen, was a slow task.

What goes in must come out and for the girls it was another queue. The lads had a trailer done out Zimbabwe style. I.e. No running water and as darkness came, no lights!

No one cared and all sat around chatting and drinking.

And the sadza couldn't be made fast enough.

One stand offered alchoholic fruit drinks - but, they ran out of alcohol rather quickly and no one was interested in just drinking juice. Another sold shorts, but by 7pm all they had left was wine.

There was no Castle beer, but who cared as long it was brown, cold, fizzy and made your head swim!

The Zimbabwe Vigal people stated today -

Up to 50 Vigil supporters attended Zimfest.
They reported some difficulty in getting the hundreds of people there to
think about the situation in Zimbabwe rather than beers and braais, sadza
and games. Unfortunately our supporters at Zimfest were not able to
properly duplicate the Embassy Vigil as they were given no space /
opportunity for the usual rousing singing and dancing.

Very sorry, but we are all too busy having a good time getting pissed!

Is this Mugabe's dreaded CIO about to pull a gun ?

Time for another piss!

Plenty of music.

Great fun!

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Anonymous said...

Tough luck maveti, Zimbabwe will never be a colony again......