Friday, August 31, 2007

How To Buy A Couch In South Africa

I just have to share this.

Jo Pete is a 50 odd year old Rhodesian rascal who builds roads, dams, mines or whatever, with his H.Q. in Jo’Berg, South Africa - at the moment. Thus the Jo. When he was working in Mozambique it was Moz Pete, Botswana = Bots Pete, but for some strange reason when he was in the Congo, he never posted as Con Pete. This is from a forum I am a member of and was posted this morning by him. I have not messed with it.


Helluva thing. I've jhust been to buy a new couch. Told them it was for my dog and I had to be sure he liked it before I bought it. Jock was called off the back of the bakkie outside and invited past the no dogs sign onto the couch. He made merry on the couch until the store manager arrived and demanded in a pretty hostile voice what the hell was going on. Jock did not like his tone so bit him good.
Anyway we didn't buy the couch, manager is threatening further action. My advice to the manager was to get an anti tet jab choppers as Jocks mouth is vrot from all the rotten meat I feed him.
I am home on a 4 day month end break,well deserved I might add. I will keep you posted on the Jock situation but I have a feeling that there is a bit of kak coming my way.

This bit was posted this afternoon…

The Jockie thing is now resolved to my total satisfaction. Whilst tact & diplomacy are not my strong suites I can be smooth talking and a complete gent when the situation requires it. I was at my all time best today. I have bought the couch at a discount. The amount of the discount covered a new pair of rods for the manager and an anti tet jab. I have guaranteed that Jockie will be admonished in the strongest possible way. I have also promised that next time I buy Jockie a leather couch I will go to another store.

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Graham said...

I enjoyed the read. The Manager would really strip his moer if someone else had to walk in with a dog with the same request, ...then another....