Saturday, January 27, 2007

Almost Back

Well, after almost 4 months, finally things are happening. After much screaming, Virgin coughed up enough for me to replace my system with something better. Or so I thought! After much searching I settled on a Dell. This arrived but the screen doesn’t do what it said on the tin. So that’s going back after another screaming session. I got a bad feeling that the next will not be any better, but, beggars can’t be choosers.

So after all this time, I should be up and running from my new base camp, half way up a Welsh mountain, by the middle of Feb. I will be putting up some of my zanier attempts at fiction in the next few days – meanwhile, someone sent me a poem after reading the posting about the elephant killing. Here it is.


Even Rangers end up poaching
When they can't afford cheap meat
With starvation now encroaching
Violators aren't discrete

One man ran to see the reason
For shots fired below his hill
Something tantamount to treason
Haunts his recollections still

One young Jumbo on his kneecaps
Tried to flee his butcher's sight
Volleys sprung repeated deathtraps
But he struggled on despite

Scores of shots pierced through his backside
In this sordid sodomy
That should raise an outcry worldwide
Making Bob accessory

He created sad conditions
Genocide comes by degrees
Gives Zimbabwe no remissions
Like poor beast upon its knees

After Ranger had reloaded
Many shots tore through the head
More than dust clouds had exploded
Even time stood still in dread

Seven minutes saw grim struggle
Ere that louder coup de grace
Signaled men prepared to smuggle
Zim hears little veritas

But known things must be reported
Till the world will realize
How Mugabe has distorted
And replaced plain truth with lies

© 19th Jan 2007

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Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat shocked by the elephant stories, I never knew, is there anything we can do other than sit here reading about it, horrified?

What happened to your original Virgin post rant? Was it you letting off steam and deciding to delete? Or did you get the dreaded hate mail?