Thursday, August 31, 2006

Alive and Kicking.

Hi all.

Sorry for having nothing up for a's a long story...

Still, I should have some juicy laughs sometime next week once I am back in sheep shagging land again. Including...

My name in lights at last. (Okay...albeit rather dully lit)
I met my Boss again after 29 years.
I get thrown out my pad soon!
I get my teeth fixed.
Sensation: the return of the top interior builder at your fingertips!


the new mathmatics quizz : If a childs Chinese made plastic spade for the beach purchased at a tacky tourist resort in the South East (frequented by people escaping the new obesity police) costs 45 pence, how much of this goes to rebuild bombed Lebonon's infrastructure?

If the gentleman named Martin (or anyone else) wishes me to get in touch, I cannot reply to anon comments.
Please use my Email address:

Catch ya all soon,