Monday, January 16, 2006

Another One Bights the Dust.

Well I suppose it was inevitable. As the Zimbabwe ruling elite run out of things to steal so they can finance their lifestyles, what was an extremely well monitored and licensed big game hunting system is now a free for all. Sadly, it will not take long to wipe out all the remaining game whilst the money goes into corrupt pockets.

Still, the government did point out that they had replaced a group of wiped out animals with 70 odd poor homeless blacks, who now have a borehole at last. This was after waiting almost twenty five years. Progress at last!

The first picture shows some Yank tart after wasting a leopard. After paying all that money for a rare fur stole, I personally reckon that she is dressed to kill now. I just love the dried blood touch over her left tit. I can understand the animalistic desire to wander down Broadway with a stinking dead pussy around her neck, but what’s with the geyser and the giraffe? Besides the fact that shooting the thing doesn’t actually go into the category of, ‘Big Brave White Hunter’, since they are almost as easy to take out as a white farmer, what is the buffoon going to do with it now? It’s too big to shove up his dumb arse! You can find out how rich Yanks go ‘Boom Boom’ with big bucks passed to greasy white palms of both Caucasian and African origin, at:

BUT, as you can see from this excerpt from a Zim newspaper, contingency plans are under way by the government for an alternative for when the animals are all dead…

The Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, Andrew Langa, has appeared before a Gwanda magistrate accused of threatening to shoot an aspiring Member of Parliament in the run-up to the March 2005 parliamentary elections.

What a great idea!

Meanwhile…I have snickered in anticipation that a certain complete lunatic called, Van Hoogstraten, might have just calculated the exact time his life will be terminated, by blabbing about a certain 10 million pound loan he gave to Mr. Mugabe. In a ‘Times’ interview the other day, this deranged megalomaniac, convicted of murder in a civil court, may have opened his mouth a little too wide. My guess Bob and the boys will soon close it, along with all his large Zimbabwean assets accumulated whilst standing on people’s heads. More of this delightful insight of an unbalanced human being at:,,2092-1974673,00.html

or you can punch him in the head at:

As you may have noticed I have finally worked out how to put a counter up. Not exactly happy with the whole layout, but not being very IT clever, I was well pleased with myself. Also there is a chat room, but not sure how good it is.

The book is coming along well but still looking for a suitable replacement editor. I will put up another extract soon.

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