Thursday, December 01, 2005



(So please refrain from your 9 year old or your Grandmother reading this.)

Greetings fellow Homo-sapiens and a special warm welcome to all the filthy non humans scattered around our little ball except for Nicholas Hoogstraten and Billy Rautenbach.

I used to have a diary/blog somewhere else on WWW, but sadly Gremlins saw fit to wipe it out. I have concluded I was targeted by Robert Mugabe’s CIO gooks for saying bad things about the great liberator of obesity in Africa.

With one in four people in Zimbabwe suffering from HIV and approximately the same amount facing imminent starvation, we should actually be relieved that the only the ruling elite of ZANU (PF) are likely to succumb from the west’s number one reason for dying; mainly over eating. Before that Mugabes’ pals tended to terminate themselves by driving drunkenly into trees in their new Mercedes but this dying habit has been severely curtailed along with the availability of petrol in the country.

Sadly another white farmer in Zimbabwe was murdered the other day. I hope that the 68 year old had expired from being throttled with an electric cable before being covered with mattresses and doused with his own horde of petrol before the perpetrators turned the house into a funeral pyre. By my own reckoning, that’s 4600 white farmers dead or kicked off their farms with 300 odd to go.

My kidneys hurt me this morning. I thought at first it was the beer but I didn’t have that much last night. Where I live it is not too hot. I can see the Gulf Stream from my front room window getting colder and with no central heating I have dragged my futon bed into the only room I can keep warm with a tiny electric wall heater at night. The cold permeates from the shop below though. My ‘birdcage’, the bay window overlooking the Highstreet of this tiny tourist town has no double glazing. Some of the glass is cracked and the rain leaks in when it lashes from the Atlantic. Rather often as late. I wonder if my chain smoking is contributing to global warming. Actually, maybe my capillaries are so clogged with muck my alcohol diffused blood can not keep me warm anymore. A couple of fat joints helps bring the blood to the surface for a while giving me a warm glow.

As usual in the morning I like my Nescafe with evaporated milk. A habit I picked up from two decades living in Bavaria. Then I like to read the news on-line. I shy away from Britain’s biggest selling daily, as I have little interest in people with more money than sense sniffing cocaine whilst stuffing their chests and lips with silicon. I like to keep up with the eccentricities of the planet via the Independent and the Times with special attention to,

which has reached a stunning 4.4 million hits so far. Besides the usual mayhem, political hysteria, starvation reports, anarchy and chaos, there is always some gem of a story to make your mouth drop open in amazement. Today there is news heading…

It's just a bank overdraft, says $430bn fraud suspect.

A negligible sum according to the defendant. I have a bank account overdrawn. They send threatening letters with charges. Dunno why. I closed the account with a plus and transferred all stop orders before hand. It is not my problem that it appears no one has noticed. My guess they all too busy scratching their holes whilst preparing for massive Christmas parties with the proceeds from shafting millions of poor fuckers like me.

Their days are numbered though. Some very clever people are putting the stick right up the arrogant bank’s bung holes…see

Good luck I say to them.

That’s nice…just heard on BBC Radio 2 I must boil my water along with the rest of North Wales or I will get some stomach bug. I only drink coffee till 11 am and then I switch to beer on offer at the Co-Op. Perhaps I should clean my teeth in Carling 4.1%. That way I have an excuse for smelling like a brewery.

It is a bit of a crying shame that I have to reintroduce all my favourite characters that wander past my window but I am sure I can integrate them along the way. I do like the ability to put up pictures though. That’s really cool, so I will have some fun.

Well I suppose I better get back to work on my book, The Last of the Rhodesians, almost ready to send some of it to a publisher. I hate editing but it has to be done. A couple of months and I reckon it’s a wrap.

Howling gale out there now. I hope I find some socks with no holes in them…

Lore…Galactic warrior for free speech.

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