Wednesday, December 07, 2005

And Mad Bob preached to his people- ‘Eat my words and fill your bellies.’

I suppose if this wasn’t so tragic, we could sit in our adopted lands and laugh about it whilst having a few beers…

After making 700,000 people homeless recently,

Zimbabwe's Minister of Security, Dydimus Mutasa, reacting to critical reports on the clean-up campaign, told IRIN recently, "They [clean-up campaigns] happen everywhere in the world - whether it is London and even in South Africa. Things have become better, people are able to sleep peacefully now."

I am very glad to hear it. Much better to sleep under the stars…like the good old days hey!

Power cuts Tuesday blacked out much of President Robert Mugabe's state of the nation address, during which he promised to address Zimbabwe's chronic electricity shortages.
But Mugabe claimed Zimbabwe was winning back regional and international confidence.

"We have shown immense progress in the face of daunting challenges,"

I couldn’t agree more, it is a record. Never has a sovereign, land not at war, had an economy implode so fast. Guinness Book of Records is the only place Bob is missing his name in.

The government has seized a farm used by SOS Children's Villages Association of Zimbabwe to grow food for children at its various orphanages across the country. Arcadia farm near Bindura town, about 60km north of Harare, was also used as a training school for orphans and abandoned children where they were taught various self-help skills they could use to earn a living on leaving the care of SOS.There are about 14 tenant farmers at the farm all of them once orphaned or abandoned children who were raised by the SOS and taught how to farm. They have no alternative land if evicted from the 573.45-hectare farm.

I thought there was now plenty of land for everyone? I dunno, I find this all very confusing…

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