Sunday, April 29, 2018

Though should not kill

Though should not kill

We all remember that from that book about ten commandments.

Which leaves me to wonder why they sell insect killer spray in the supermarket.

I am not religious - so I buy the stuff and spray away at all creepie crawlers who have managed to somehow get into my flat.

I giggle in glee at their death throes.

But – considering the amount of the stuff the supermarkets shift – the whole town are really full of atheists.

Or just confess their sins on Sunday.

‘Father, forgive me for I have sinned.’

‘Confess and the Lord will forgive.’

‘I used chemical weapons of mass destruction, and have killed many of the Lord’s beings.’

‘This is not good. How many Syrians did you kill?’

‘Huh? No man – I sprayed some ants and flies and spiders – and they all died a terrible death – writhing in agony. I still have nightmares of the last flutter of a fly’s wings as it laid on its back.’

‘Ahh – where did you buy the spray?’

‘Aldi – on special offer. 90 pence a tin.’
‘Say 50 hail Marys and I must dash before the shop closes.

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