Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Latest President Trump’s executive order -

Latest President Trump’s executive order -

‘I have decided to turn black Zimbabwe, white again. I have therefore ordered to bomb the dump into a nuclear winter.

Ah – com’on, they will love it. Most of them have never seen snow, especially since this stuff glows in the dark.

Better still, the survivors staggering around, will get cold feet whilst their brains are cooking. Hah-hah.

I love this job. God bless America.’

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gruff said...

That's pretty funny. You know what though? Africa is going to turn Europe black (again). Here's a graph of UN population projections:

(source for figures:

Africa to 4 billion by 2100, Europe slight decline under 1 billion. That means that the migrant waves we've seen so far are just the first drips of a titanic flood. Africa will have her revenge.

I am genuinely interested in your take on this.