Friday, January 27, 2017

Bigger than Higg’s Bosoms?

Bigger than Higg’s Bosoms?
Professor Jimmy Nutter, the science expert for President Trump, announced today that he has finally solved Einstein’s biggest problem.
In a press conference sited in New York Zoo’s chimpanzee compound, he told an enthusiastic audience of banana believers that –
‘Einstein was a Jew. That was not his fault but his parents. At least they were married; unlike that bastard Jew’s parents – popping a kid out in a barn full of cow and donkey shit.

No – I awoke today and realized that – if you reverse the polarity of an AA battery in your quartz driven digital clock – you can make time go backwards!’
To a thunderous applause of ‘Uga-Uga, uhh-uhh-uhh’, the leader of the group threw a banana skin which landed perfectly on the Professor’s bald head – it was a crowning achievement , that will surely get him the Knobbled Prize for Stupidity. The Professor, not the chimpanzee. Or maybe the reverse -

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