Wednesday, December 21, 2016

When is a left leg right?

British Doctors from the University of Legends announced a first in medical history this week.

The patient, a 57 year old alcoholic who fell in front of a tram, severing his right leg, has been given a new donated left leg.

At the news conference, several reporters were confused.

One and many screeched out the same question.
'If he has a left leg left, why attach another one where the right leg was left?'

Professor Fuckedinhead, was quick to acknowledge the confusion by saying - 'We sewed it on backwards.'

Stunned audience were silent for a moment trying to work this out.

'Erm, Professor, Alice Wonderland, from Shite News, could you explain why the tax payer has funded this in the tune of more than the six million dollar man, what many would consider, an act of fucking lunacy?'

Professor Fuckedinhead, calm, and in total control of the news conference -
'It is simple. He is /was an alcoholic. With this venture of advanced stitching useless fuckers together, we can save the NHS millions. Is simple. They can not find a pub as they just walk about in circles.'

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