Thursday, March 06, 2014

MediaMarkt – I am so stupid?

A Rhodesian on the war path – further adventures of the Gokwe Kid...

I hate people who take the piss or are actually being paid not to do their job correctly (that excludes me of course).

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of the dark side of the force when it comes to German proficiency.

Now, an annoyed modern Rhodesian Bush War fighter only takes so much before declaring WAR!

I have had it with the Bundespost, Landesbank Berlin and now the giant electrical chain by the name of MediaMarkt.

I have better things to do than spend my well donated money chasing clowns for a laugh. I want to see clowns - I just Skype my friend Tim Bell for free. Just looking at the state of him makes me pass a coil.

All I wanted was a smart phone that did simple tasks. The simplest task was listening to the salesgirl who had no idea what she was flogging me and sign on the dotted line.

As for the 'smart phone', it had problems thinking out of the box. Besides the fact it's ram couldn't service an ewe, it had a memory of a 2 year old chimpanzee – 4gig. Of course half of that was used up with Windows telling it how to think out the box once some fool bought it and plugged it in.

As soon as you download a couple of maps, the thing had enough space leftover to download 5 apps and three versions of 'Merry Xmas' by Slade. (That includes the techno version.') now, this is on top of being told that this Knockya 510 phone can take more sims than sums, but sadly this is not true.

Meanwhile, it struggles to connect up to my flat rate which made me flat irate, and, when I moaned on MediaMarkts FB, complete with my new designed logo for them, they deleted me in seconds!

Their official logo is 'I am not stupid.' I changed it to 'I am stupid.'

Balls and phones I say. I will be back chirping something rotten this Saturday...

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone!

I purchased a 55" Philips television from Media Markt and was looking forward to the beginning of the World Cup.

You couldn't think in a nightmare what happened next!

The delivery driver rolled the box in the street 3 times before picking it up with his colleague, I know, delivery drivers are delivery drivers due to the lack of brain cells true!

They didn't know I was watching and when they entered my home with the television I attempted to open the box to check the contents but wait for it...they became most aggressive and I've been to Iraq and seen less threatening soldiers in the war than these two comancheros!

Well what do you do, have a blood bath ummmmm? No I signed the delivery note as 'not inspected' 'denied access to box' and so on and then they left.

No surprise when I opened the box, Meida Markt had conned me and sent a television with nothing else, no cables, no main lead, no audio cable, no TV cable, no Sat Cable, No HDMI cable, No manual, no instructions, no mounting bracket and NO REMOTE CONTROL.

OMG! No possible chance of turning the television on let alone changing channel or plugging it in.

After several calls I got no where with them and they refused to deal with it so I'm left with a large box and a useless television that now has to be taken to the rubbish tip.

Media Markt failed to reply to email, even Herr Olaf Koch or is it COCK didn't even acknowledge my email! Their Directors and Presse Office ignored all emails so clearly their is NO INTEGRITY in this multi-billion Euro Group.

Media Markt don't care, they just want your money and then fob you off.