Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hi TeK – and not a clue

Not sure about all of this. Spent loads of money I don't have splashing out on things that are called 'very clever-clever.' The idea being it was time to enter the Digi age big bytes time.

One problem though. It is all well and good but I remember when you just popped a tape in a machine and pressed 'play'. When you were tired you pressed 'I am tired, goodnight and catch ya in the same spot tomorrow'.

Now you need a degree in rocket science just to fathom all the buttons on the remote of your really fab Blu Ray 5.1 player with all the snap, crackle and pops etc. I did work out where to plug it in...

Meanwhile, after returning from a 18 day cruise of my Manchester roots (loads of pics and stories),
I also got one of those phones. Well, I gather it is a mini computer and occasionally someone phones you. If I am lucky I can also phone out for FREE for 100 minutes, in Germany, as long as I pay 25 Euros a month. Plus, I can surf with it, but it is a bit small and I gather salt water is not good for them.

But, the stupid thing that was flogged to me isn't up to much cop and I really should moan about it.
No point. I can't be arsed with the hassle.

However, since I am doing my brains in with this all, check out this! Cool hey. And I am now going to set up a chirpy account thing. Not sure why but people say it is a good idea...

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