Thursday, November 07, 2013

A very bad boy. Tell the truth and be hounded by the braying mob.

So – not quite sure when this all kicked off – but I had fun with a scanner and rewrote some Rhodesian history. Actually, all I did was satirically tell the truth. It seems some hard core Rhodies just didn’t get it.

Man, have I had some abuse. So here are some pictures I played with -

A pain in the mouth and a pain in the neck.

The last ten odd days have not been pleasant for me. I think I had at least 30 injections. First it was the scrape around bit. That took four days. They use these horrible pointy things and really go to town.

I had just recovered from that torture when they pulled four teeth out. This is besides the fact that the health insurance is kicking up something rotten and no one is sure who is picking up the tab. Going into exile in Zimbabwe will be cheaper.

So I have been feeling really sorry for myself and popping these little pills called Citalopram. Now I don’t half feel a little different. No idea what is happening but I am certainly not walking around with some maniacal grin on my face. How would that be possible with half your jawbone missing?

And then today – that was all too much. I thought I was just going for a look see if the amputation of some my knashers were healing okay. I hoped so as I had stopped taking the anti-biotics as they were making me feel even weirder.  

But - lo and behold. After an inspection and ruled fit for purpose, the woman surprises me out of the blue with –

‘Ah, whilst you are still in the chair, I whip out those other two I always fancied setting free.’

I tried to leap up but she actually pushed me down and started loading up the injections. I was a nervous wreck, panting in short breaths, heart racing and sweat pouring off me. I need this like I need a whole in my head and that is exactly what happened half an hour later. Two more holes.

I least I have peace for a while. Then once we find out where the dosh is coming from, the fun and games begin with bridges and stuff. Still, I least I now have a nice bright and clean smile.

Now, as for a pain in the neck – I was having some fun and games with some old pics I came across. Unfortunately, quite a few people on a Rhodesian Facebook site went a little mental when I posted them and accused me of all sorts of bad things. You should have heard the hullabaloo – anyone would think I was a mass murder.

I will put up the ‘offensive’ pictures in another posting.