Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cheating with the BSAP

Cheating with the BSAP

I hate cheats. I never cheated, although one of my children did point out that when it came to women I had no problem; but here I talk about games.

I caught my ex cheating at Rummy just after I met her. I said that we will never play again unless she knocks that habit on the head.

I never got it. I would rather lose than ‘win’ because I cheated. You hear/read about all those druggies in sport. Yeah, obviously big bucks are involved, but just a game of cards?

But I had one incident of the ultimate cheat.

It happened at my beloved Chirama in Gokwe. … I am playing Mastermind with my stick leader, Leo Andre. He was half brain dead but a nice bloke. He could even spell his name.

When it was his turn to score, EISH, the idiot never got it right, but one day something amazing happened…

I set up the coloured beads. He cracks the code in two moves.

Okay – call it luck.  I set up another combination. He cracks it in one.

Now don’t forget, the bloke would struggle to recall what a hair brush is used for…I start to get suspicious.

So I set up another configuration, but this time, out a corner of my eye, I am clocking big time. Something is not real here. Normally I fell asleep by the time he ran out of pins and space. How come all of a sudden he is a genius?

Carefully pretending to be relaxed, my heightened BSAP instinct is on full alert and under my ‘sleepy eye’. I notice something.

I spun around – like a striking cobra. Sure enough, there was the cook behind my back, sending hand signals to Leo.

I shot him and ordered over the radio for a new cook as the last one was wasted.

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