Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Gokwe Kid – PRINT COPY available NOW

Well, what a slog that was, but worth it in the end. I reckon it is just about perfect and the tweaking didn’t help when I uploaded a wrong version and lost another half a day. But that is now all history, as from this very moment, the book is available on all Amazon outlets.

I have put a link on the right for .co.uk and .com

(Images and 'Look inside' takes a bit longer. But if need be you can see 'inside' on the eBook versions)

It is quite a biggy – 410 pages of mad antics, with guaranteed laughs.

So of you go and buy loads and loads just in time to give to friends, family members and (if you don’t like it), enemies. This is one book you will not find in a charity shop for it is truly a gem (gawd… I do go on).

Now the next stunt will be the Oktoberfest. I tried to get a banner printed in time but balked at the cost. Not to worry. I have a Rhodesian Flag and I will tack on some Gokwe Kid logo. Then I have the antics filmed and have them up on Youtube.

Many thanks to all that have purchased the Kindle versions. Please don’t forget lots of lovely reviews.

That’s it. Next report will be from Bavaria. Stay tuned. 

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