Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Gokwe Kid – PRINT COPY available NOW

Well, what a slog that was, but worth it in the end. I reckon it is just about perfect and the tweaking didn’t help when I uploaded a wrong version and lost another half a day. But that is now all history, as from this very moment, the book is available on all Amazon outlets.

I have put a link on the right for .co.uk and .com

(Images and 'Look inside' takes a bit longer. But if need be you can see 'inside' on the eBook versions)

It is quite a biggy – 410 pages of mad antics, with guaranteed laughs.

So of you go and buy loads and loads just in time to give to friends, family members and (if you don’t like it), enemies. This is one book you will not find in a charity shop for it is truly a gem (gawd… I do go on).

Now the next stunt will be the Oktoberfest. I tried to get a banner printed in time but balked at the cost. Not to worry. I have a Rhodesian Flag and I will tack on some Gokwe Kid logo. Then I have the antics filmed and have them up on Youtube.

Many thanks to all that have purchased the Kindle versions. Please don’t forget lots of lovely reviews.

That’s it. Next report will be from Bavaria. Stay tuned. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Gokwe Kid – In Print

Apologies for not posting for a while. That is because it seemed to take forever for the Yanks to send something in the post.

BUT, finally, yesterday the proof copy arrived. I opened it and burst in to tears. All that time and effort, all those years fighting manic depression; sitting alone studying with the Open University and writing – all came together at last. Sure, there will be some rocky roads ahead, but at last I have come out of the dark and into the light. 

The book is fabulous. I spotted a few small layout and justification mistakes and a couple of pictures need tuning a bit. This shouldn’t take more than a few hours to rectify. Then it gets uploaded again and, if all goes to plan – you can buy it around about Tuesday. (Amazon) This is so exciting.

In fact, my guardian angel has been working overtime. I received today another two packets. One is a box full of my ‘business’ cards. The other is a Rhodesian gilet jacket and a BSAP calendar I won in a raffle. I can’t remember buying the ticket. It was something to do with the BSAP get together in Ireland that is held every year but although I am always invited, I couldn’t afford it and also, it was getting stupid going on about a book that is ‘almost, nearly, about to be’ finished. Now it is.

More news. I am off to Germany to see my kids. Also, by pure luck of coincidence  – it is the Oktoberfest. Hah- hah. Bloody perfect. BECAUSE, I have been presented a massive marketing opportunity in a few days time. An opportunity to meet hundreds of Kiwis, Aussies, South Africans, Zimbos, Canadians, Americans, et-al, even a few British - at the largest convention on earth of pissheads.

It gets better. My eldest now has a pad in Munich, so no problems with accommodation. It is a dream – thousands of potential buyers - all out their heads. The photo opportunities with a famous author - all decked out in Rhodesian paraphernalia. Flag and all.

Of course, the drunken fans of the great Gokwe Kid won’t remember much later, but if they have a little card in their wallets, or purses, bum bags etc - complete with famous author’s signature on the back…get my drift..?

I can also hand them out to any one I spot using a Kindle on my travels. Sort of say something like,
‘Hi, please buy my book. It is very good and not expensive. Even if you don’t like it; you can always say you met the idiot that wrote the rubbish.’

And, I will be firing up pictures and maybe even short videos of my mad antics at rapid rate via my eldest’s smartphone. Not just here but on Facebook – The Gokwe Kid group.

Digital sales are coming along nicely. Many thanks, but I need lots and lots of lovely reviews.

Catch Ya all soon and start looking and ordering the print copy early next week.