Friday, September 30, 2011

MASK OF THE FUFURA. The Sotsee Invasion. By Steve Carter

As I wander through the internet looking for anything that may help in making me rich and famous and thus have loads of middle-aged groupies to grope, I stumbled across the Mask of the Fufura. It is written by a gifted Rhodesian story teller who served in the RAF. The pre-teen book is set in Africa and very influenced by Steve’s time there.

I touched sides with Steve, and we have had a nice bit of chit-chat about writing and publishing a book. Unfortunately, he went the hard way and it appears he was well shafted by promises from experts only interested in cashing in. Luckily for me, being penniless, this cannot happen and as a result, I will wring the last drop of blood out of any friend or acquaintance I have to get my show on the road for next to zit.

Anyway, please take time to look at his website and blog and give a plug/endorsement. Better still, if you have kids, give it go.

Thanks and I better get back to the rewrite – till later and stay tuned for another freebie coming this way soon…

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