Saturday, September 03, 2011

Just messing about...

This rewrite malarkey can get you down sometimes and I just want to scream and say to the computer ‘Get on with it, will Ya!’ I am having to constantly ‘correct’ things that my Ex Boss points out so vividly, and I quote –

Note: I think it is important that you get the procedural facts as correct as possible so that what you are portraying is more authentic otherwise you could be accused of not knowing your subject and your account being a load of hogwash and a farce by those who are in the know, which would be a great pity.

I know this, which is why I got the kind man to go through it before the rewrite. He is a bit of the old regimental type and as he progresses through the first draft chapters, I noticed that he doesn’t seem overly impressed with some of my shenanigans. (Actually, on one occasion he went berserk with me…lol – Hey, it was thirty odd years ago Boss!) Lots of juicy scandal guaranteed. Just wait till you have a copy.

Anyway, today it is pouring down. I am sick and tired of the British weather. How I remember those days when I would try to write down incoming radio messages at Gokwe Charge Office, my wrist wrapped in a cotton handkerchief to stop the sweat dripping onto the poor quality paper we were provided with. Ah, the heat! I dream of it. When I am rich and famous I hope I can afford twenty minutes under a sun bed – gawd, I am gagging for a bit of the sun’s vitamin D.

So taking a break from going over and over my own words – which isn’t quite the same as, ‘Loves the sound of his own voice,’ another infliction I suffer upon others whenever I am released from my cage, I messed about with designing the book cover.
So here is attempt number 1.
Mmm. Not bad. Any graphic artists out there want to help? All you get is an acknowledgment and a free signed copy if I use you…

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