Monday, May 09, 2011

The Gokwe Kid

Greetings all, this is a quickie.

It has been a tumultuous week and a bit. The book is now being proofread (by non-other than former Chief Inspector Mike Harvey, my Boss at the time!). It is also being checked over for editing by former Chief Justice Fergus Blackie! AND to blow your socks away, wants to publish me. We will see hey!

The book, as it stands before going over it again, is 291 pages and 60 chapters. So I am slowly progressing. Meanwhile, I am doing a web and design course with the Open University. The plan is to have a dedicated web site with pictures, maps, more anecdotes and loads more interesting stuff that will compliment the book.

Sadly, it turns out this is rather hard work this web site malarkey, and things go terribly wrong. So wrong, that I committed suicide at least seven times and without success.

Not to worry. Things are getting under control and soon…very soon, you will buy my brilliant book and make it a best seller!

I am puzzling over the title. ‘Last of the Rhodesians’, followed with the sub-title ‘Chronicles of an African anarchist’, is cool. I like that and the name has been floating around on the web for some time. Actually, it gets scary. Type the word Chirama, or Gokwe, into Google and click images…presto, loads of links to here. So, the problem is, I have a Part One. The book that is about to be published is actually Part Two. But, third sub-title ‘Gooks and Gob and Gokwe and Gwelo’ is clumsy and a right mouthful. How about
'The Gokwe Kid’? OR, actually, don’t bother with a third sub-title at the moment and worry later IF I actually do manage to write a Part One.

Cheers for now and start following here and on Facebook please.

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