Monday, April 25, 2011

Infamy! They've all got it in for me!

I wonder sometimes what the hell I am doing. How is this going? I wake up, chucking-up on some days thinking it is rubbish, and other times read my rubbish and chuckle, it is so good!

Who ever think that writing a book is easy, is as seriously disillusioned as I am. It is not easy having the thing in your head and then put it on a word processor. I persevere, and I am now close to wrapping up the second edit.

Interestingly, yet again, a friend asked me ‘Is it not time to let the past go?’
How silly, I can’t write about the past by letting it go. I have to re-live it, in all its tiny detail. Not because I enjoy ‘living in the past’ but because I am writing a book…Eeish! I don’t have dreams or nightmares ABOUT the past, but dreams and nightmares of how I have written about it.

Next…There has been some interesting press about some best selling memoirs that turned out to be largely fabricated. That, for me, is rather silly, it is like cheating at cards. I never bothered for the simple reason I didn’t have the desire to be beaten to death when I am caught. But, I am integrating a load of characters’ own interpretations of events. It makes the whole thing very real. Actually, some of it is downright scary…


What you think of this bit to put on the back of the book. It is just an idea… all true by the way. You have to buy the book.

At the height of the Rhodesia Bush War, and as the titanic struggle enters it most dangerous phase, only one man can save the country from destruction. Returning from self-imposed exile, a man would emerge, that in all retrospect – should have been shot as soon as he landed at Salisbury airport.

Juvenile arsonist, hustler, drunkard, gambler and thief, this was the man.  Liar, womaniser and bone idle, he would enter the ranks of the world's finest police force, the British South Africa Police; with only one aim – fame, glory and material gain by doing as little as possible. Verging on the medically disturbed, riddled with angst, suffering from undiagnosed ADHD and dyslexia, and with a mouth shooting garbage faster than a speeding bullet, our hero staggers clueless through every unsolved crime.

Stumbling through ever increasing insane self-instigated disasters, our deranged Rhodesia has Talent contestant with the XXX Factor, manages to cling on to his worthless hide as bullets spin past him.

That will do for a start…hah-hah. More soon.

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Anonymous said...

where is the book??? 5 years now and still no book, get off that rock of yours in Barmouth and get it done......, by the time you produce it, we will all be too old to read