Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Learning Afrikaans : Revenge of the Ninjas

Many regulars may recall the saga of me attempting to learn Afrikaans. This is pre- OU prose, but is still the most popular reading and has the most comments. To save new comers searching the archives, it can be accessed here.

Now, whilst I was walking on clouds of utopia today (due to just getting my results for OU Children’s Lit with a Grade 2 ( one short of a Distinction, mind you) ), I had the perpetual yowl of Radio 1 in the background.

Well, hard to believe, but some Afrikaans speaking lunatics are storming up the charts with some insane gibberish, that sounds remarkably similar to my version of Afrikaans after Mrs Smuts had beaten me semi-dead.

So…I looked to see what this is all about and…. amazing, the total end of the Boer idea of white supremacy in some alcove in South Africa is seriously put to the test. So I therefore present… er…this which with 5 million hits might be a barometer of the way South Africa is going  -are these lunatics. My personal opinion…They never met Mrs Smuts.