Thursday, January 08, 2009

Aliens attack Windfarm – the truth.

Windmill after attack from Aliens.

This story is in almost all the papers. Best drivel is in the Daily Mail. They even have an exclusive photo of the alien vessel taken by some old diddy after four bottles of Scotch. Some of the comments are hilarious. Here is the link,

but a search of the web is where I found the truth. You see, it is still out there.

(All pictures courtesy of the Daily Mail.)

Lifted from:

The Old Zimbabwe Times newspaper (Rhodesian edition) and reported by Lore.

The president of ZESA (Zimbabwean Electricity Supply Authorities), Brightspark Penga-Mombe, and the Assistant Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Sixpence NoDohla, were today arrested in the United Kingdome on charges of attempted theft and destruction of property.

Police claim that the two, bizarrely dressed as Octopussy in high heels and grapefruit stuffed bras, tried to steal electricity from a wind farm. The perpetrators were foiled when one of the windmill blades Brightspark was stealing fell onto his companion causing the grape fruits to burst out of their refrains and explode spectacularly high in the sky.

A picture of an exploding grapefruit but really an Alien Spacecraft painted yellow.

Rumours circulating in the press tried to cover the whole incident by claiming it was the work of aliens. Well it was, illegal ones at that, as neither of the two Zimbabweans have a working visa. Their lawyers did point out that within minutes of their arrest they both claimed political asylum.

‘That makes them technically British and their defence will be paid by the state.’

Brightsparks representative, Dim ‘CoolBeans’ LeGit QC, told this reporter. He went on to point out

‘My client was forced by desperation, due to western sanctions against Zimbabwe. It also should be noted that the plastic carrier bag that was to be used to stash the electricity had a hole in it and was highly unlikely to hold more than a watt or two.’

‘What?’, was my reply. Not what is my reply or any other wotnots. This is confusing me, so I said,

'What knots you tying now? You sound like Robert Mugabe!’


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As usual there's a rational explanation:

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i think there is something out there watching us, end sooner or later they wil come down to earth!

sooner then we think!

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