Friday, April 25, 2008

Don’t Press 1

This was brought to my attention and it is another clever little prank by South African radio jocks. It is very funny but it is the comments that make fascinating reading with ludicrous ranting from blacks and whites and a couple of Mugabe fans as well.

One gentleman claims to know his country’s history very well unfortunately it is based around myth which Mugabe and his boys are extremely good at propagating.

The on-going violence in Zim is terrible and not a lot is being done about it. I did get a comment from someone in Harare yesterday. It could be just another rumour but it makes some sense –

Zim is an interesting place at the moment. For sure running a business is very stressful with the power cuts, shortage of forex etc but we may well be on the verge of significant change. Clearly the ruling party has lost and all these ridiculous recounts are happening to buy time until a solution is found. From what we hear locally the leader is ready to step down but the military men aren’t and things are happening in the background to help them change. If there is change then I foresee money to be made – for starters the South Africans will be here in a flash like they are in Zambia and people are making serious loot out there. But for now I remain cautious.

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