Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time Out!

Just an amazing quickie…

I have been watching on TV and reading on-line with great interest the run-up to the American Presidential elections. I came across an article which did some mud slinging about Bill Clinton’s old days and his habit of wanting to stuff as many voters (female) as possible with his own brand of political zeal. By following some of the sleaze, I blundered upon this YouTube. For the life of me, I cannot fathom the point of it!

My conclusion…Americans are seriously scary people! This film is a boxing contest between a woman who was prodded by Bill’s middle leg and a woman who tried to break a leg of her closest rival. This is so bizarre!

Tonya Harding vs Paula Jones


Anonymous said...

Just saw the link to the Paula/Tonya bout on your blog. Didn’t bother to watch it and probably never will. If you wasted your time, that’s scary. Like your videos of Nam. Would like to get back there one day. When your uncle Bob goes I would like to see more of Zim. too. Thanks for the blog, it is entertaining.
from an American reader

Bokonon said...

Don't hold it against William Jefferson Clinton for wanting to make many women happy. Hilary at her best looked remarkably like Nana Mouscouri (including moustache). Poor Chelsea, she got her mothers looks.

I wonder if Bill was what Cecil John had in mind when he set up his Rhodes scholarships

Anonymous said...

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