Thursday, April 06, 2006


Question One for Z$20.000

What will Zimbabwe’s inflation rate hit in six months time?

A. We have plenty of money, the economy is booming and everyone is a millionaire.
B. 98.2%
C. 343%
D. Over a 1000%.

Correct answer is D.

Question Two for Z$50.000.

How many of Zimbabwe citizens had their homes and livelihood bulldozed and razed to the ground through the governments operation, ‘Clean out Filth’, in 2005.

A. 100.000.
B. Half a million.
C. 700.000.
D. It never happened, it was to make way for new homes. The U.N. envoy is a liar and a pawn of Western fascist governments.

Correct answer is C.

Question Three for Z$250.000

How many Ndebele tribesman, direct descendants of the Zulus, were slaughtered by Robert Mugabe’s North Korean Trained 5th Brigade in the 1980’s?

A. 500
B. It is a Western propagated deceit. These people went freely down disused mine shafts to see if they could make then operational again. Sadly they failed due to technical reasons.
C. 7500
D. 20.000, give or take a few filled mine shafts.

Correct answer is D.

Question Four for Z$500.000

Modern day high powered bows and arrows are used in Zimbabwe for what?

A. To teach young athletes this fine sport in the hope they compete in the Olympics and represent their country.
B. Shoot wild animals in the proliferating ‘canned hunting’ epidemic by well healed tourists paying thousands of US$ to wipe out the last animals in Africa.
C. Hope to get a head shot on the Zimbabwean President next time he steps out of his armoured Mercedes.
D. This is another Colonial lie in an attempt to rubbish our freed country.

Correct answer is B.

Question Five for Z$1.000.000

China supplies Zimbabwe with what?

A. Radio jamming equipment to counter Zimbabweans in diaspora or exile using stations for telling the truth.
B. Cheap clothes and sandals that helped bring down the last home industries.
C. Sophisticated software and technologies to read all electronic mail and overhear telephone conversations.
D. Whilst Zimbabwe struggles with daily power outages, what coal Hwange coal colliery can produce for the fuel starved electric power stations, 20% is sent to the Congo to supply power for Chinese owned mineral mines. In exchange they receive no real promises, but some military hardware.
E. All of the above.

Correct answer is E.

Question Six for Z$100.000.000

20% is a well known denominator to describe Zimbabwe. Does it represent?

A. % of the population, including the civil service and military who have rudiments of employment.
B. % of population under eighteen who are orphaned.
C. % of population known to have contracted HIV.
D. % of HIV infected population, including civil servants who have access to retro-viral drugs.
E. % of daily inflation.
F. % of Tobacco production this year as compared to 1999 when Mugabe allowed the farm invasions.
G.% of required food now grown by the new landowners.
H. % of population living as refugees or in diasporia.
J. % of Whites from the original population at Independence Day in 1980, who can not escape the systematic government instigated racial ethnic cleansing.
I. All of the above.

Correct answer is I.

Question Seven for Z$250.000.000

A white 73 year old railway engineer who paid 37 years into the pension fund of the now National Railways of Zimbabwe, receives the present equivalent in British sterling of how much per month?

A. About 19 pence before bank expenses. Life’s a bitch huh. Should of got Maggie Thatcher to underwrite all the pensions at the Lancaster House agreement. Not our problem. They were all Colonial thieves. Besides, the railways hardly work now, so up yours!
B. A bunch of bananas, once a month, last month.
C. A loaf of bread once a fortnight if you can find some.
D. A tin of imported Coca Cola as Zimbabwe don’t make it anymore, as they can’t pay for the syrup.
E. All of the above, except D. and maybe B. and C., as it could be an obsolete price by the time you answer this question.

Correct answer is E.

Question Eight for Z$500.000.000

The decline of the Zimbabwean economy in the last 6 years, unseen before by a country not at war, is by the ruling governments own admission, perpetuated because of what?

A. Thieving Colonial racists bent on plundering the nation and putting whites back in power to render the population again into abject poverty and slavery.
B. No rain.
C. Too much rain.
D. Sanctions imposed by war mongering gay gangster British and American fascist dictators.
E. Crisis? What crisis. We have the happiest population on earth. This is all a Western jealousy inspired hate campaign against our glorious leader.
F. All of the above.

Correct answer is F.

Question Nine for 1Billion Zimbabwean Dollars.

The highest denomination ‘banknote’, is a so called ‘bearer cheque’ with a face value of 50.000. (Approximately 1.3 eggs, if you find any in the supermarket at this moment.) As you have to make your own way to Zimbabwe to pick up the winnings, how long must you stand in the queue at the bank and how big must your protected pick up truck be to transport the huge piles of ‘bricks’? This is presuming you had previously managed to obtain some black-market petrol for $US dollars.

A. I haven’t a clue, this sounds like a horror trip, I don’t want the money.

The correct answer is A.

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