Thursday, March 30, 2006


Don't send sensitive e-mails to anyone in Zimbabwe!

Please, no matter how you may like my stuff, do not send any of it to anyone in Zimbabwe.
It can maybe get people killed!

THIS IS NOT ONE OF MY SPOOFS. I knew this was coming, but this is no joke. I received this Email, which is here in the full. The first bit is from the sender, who is not in Zimbabwe. The second is a letter from someone in Zimbabwe. I read naked terror. When will it end?

Please Everyone, this is of paramount importance. I received this today,followed up by three phone calls from friends in and around Zim. Some of you do not know about the recent arrests and commitment to Jail in Zim of agroup of really great people, but of course you understand that to go to jail there is very very serious. Things are extremely tenuous there now, and any excuse is used to arrest folk.

I heard from a VERY reliable source yesterday about two chaps - one White one Black who were joking in apub about the usual subject, and they have been in Adams Barracks for over6 months now, severely tortured.
Perhaps you can follow the lead set by another Rhodie who runs a newsletter and put your Zim connections in a seperate place on your addressbook so you can't send anything by mistake - which I have been guilty of inthe past.

Bless you all, Annie.

Monday 20th March, 2006

Dear Annie,

PLEASE put this out to absolutely everyone on your list. It is REALLY important that folk read this. It could literally mean the difference between life and death for someone!Please do not send us in Zim anything that can be deemed to besensitive. Our newspapers again reported about a bill being drafted topry into telephone and email messages and to compel service providers toinstall equipment to enable the state to intercept ALL private communications. This is being fast tracked through parliament. and specialist technology has already been obtained there-for.

So please do not send us any political jokes, cartoons, even memory stories referring to places by their old names or refer to the previous administration. We don't need any hassles in this regard I know that some of you never send arb. stuff, but I am sending this to all in my email address book . Thank you . A Zimbabwean".

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