Thursday, February 23, 2006


Well, I am completely gobbed smacked for a change. When I decided to start my own PR for a book that still needs editing, I never thought my efforts could do so well.

With the possibility of snatching a main stream publisher and getting well shafted in the process looking bleak, the idea of self publishing seemed a good alternative. Main draw back: no advertising muscle. So I started a D.I.Y. self promotion project.

Slowly but surely I am getting around. With the Blog web counter only recently installed. traffic is picking up fast. The chat room is also slowly gaining a reputation for intellectual philosophical bull shit.

On the Ebay side, I fell a fraction short of entering the top ten visited sites with my Zimbabwean iPod spoof. At 4327 hits for something that wasn’t actually for sale, I was well pleased.

Today, Mrs Smuts cane reached the # 1 spot at

I was so chuffed, I put their really snazzy link here for you to enjoy.

Also, Ebay wrote to me to say I have reached Power Seller stasis. Considering I only have 36 feed backs, it must be based on the amount of hits I have been accumulating. However, the lazy bastards said it could take up to two weeks to get my PS logo next to my name.

AND, I applied for a job. Preferably selling shit to the Germans. It’s a long story. If I get a nice reply I will put a link up. If not, I won’t strain any harder. I got the idea as I watched my TURD hit over £10.

Lots of fan mail. All appreciated. Keep it coming.

Keep popping in, I hope to have something new to read soon, and try and catch me in my chat room. Best after 9.00 pm GMT.

P.S. Still need an editor. I am even offering sub contracting single chapters out for nothing more than a promise of acknowledgement and maybe a free signed copy. So if you bored, and reckon you can edit a chapter of a masterpiece, Email me.

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