Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Rhodie braai gift set.

proudly present the ULTIMATE cooking set.

This amazing packet is a cert of a present, ek-se!
This small portable set will make a Rhodie feel at home at a braai anywhere.

The kit consist of.

1. A brand new Knock’ya’ 7.650 combination semi-automatic pistol-mobile phone. Developed by the world renowned company for African conditions, it is now possible to shoot something to put on a braai and then immediately phone your ‘Chinas’ to come to the instant party. Complete with lead tipped dum-dum bullets designed to degut the food on impact, therefore saving considerable time preparing your tasty dish.

2. A book to tear up and use to start your fire called, ‘Braai the Beloved Country’.

3. A half jack of methylated spirits to chuck on fire or drink.

4. A Spar Supermartket portable grill with 'Hot Wheels'.

5. Popular braai songs on DVD. These selected tracks have been rewritten and covered by the Lady Smith Mazams Girls School Choir. Some of the titles are:

Braaing in the rain.
I believe I can braai.
I saw you braaing in the chapel.
Braai oh braai Delilah.
Big boys don’t braai.
Rocky mountain braai.
Don’t braai for me Argentina.
Braaing in the arms of Mary.
Braaing over you.
The braaing game.

6. Finally, in this superb gift set, is the evening video. This popular Zimbabwean comedy has been remastered and newly titled ‘Braai Freedom’. Starring Robert Mugabe as the baddy and Koffee Have Non as the main manne who looses the plot. This family entertainment provides hilarious real live footage of happy hordes of war veterans having a ball and can be fast forwarded in 12 minutes.

Costing a mere 19.7 trillion Zimbabwe dollars, the packet is financially reachable for most ZANU party hierarchy.

Order now to avoid disappointment.

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Lorraine said...

This is hilarious - haven't laughed as much in ages. Thanks !!