Saturday, January 21, 2006


As I am suffering a little bit of the old ‘writers block’, with regards to my highly entertaining biography, I channelled my creative energies into flogging some more of my possessions on Ebay. This was a two fold thing. Firstly, for a small fee I get to do some self-publicity, and secondly, hopefully it will help me fend off imminent starvation and freezing as the Siberian chill moves in.

At one point, I thought that I had been banned again, but after an eternity, my entry was finally up there. Whilst I haven’t actually received any bids yet, I thought it was a well written presentation. You can have look by entering this number into the search bar: 8375075235

I will sell on commission for anybody who has problems shifting things on Ebay. I recently had a hand in selling an anti – terrorist handy hand. I entitled it ‘Hands Off Terrorists’, and shifted it for a nice tidy sum. Here is a picture of the hand.

The previous owner, an outspoken Islamic cleric, is well pleased with the result, as you can see in the picture, taken at his court trial recently.

The recent oil crisis and articles in most major newspapers reminded me of something I had heard of quite some time ago. Mainly, there is a cheaper and eco-friendlier way to drive a car about by using plant oils.
Since I first came across this small, but growing industry, things have changed a lot. A little sniff about on the net brings up a wealth of information. In an excerpt from The Independent

besides having a rather alarming look at the state of oil reserves, and its influence in modern society, like handless terrorists,

'The SUV market share in the US was 2 per cent in 1975. By 2003 it was 24 per cent. In consequence, average US vehicle fuel efficiency fell between 1987 and 2001, from 26.2 to 24.4 miles per gallon. This at a time when other countries were producing cars capable of up to 60 miles per gallon.’

More wars for more Yank tanks?

I asked a few people over the years why they have never thought of running their diesel cars on plant oil.

They all seemed to say the same thing: If you are caught driving your car with the stuff, you will be prosecuted for taxation fraud!
So, the alternatives are there, but it all boils down to the same old thing:

‘Give us your money, and to hell with the world!’ (English/German) (English/Swedish) Here is a company that sells machines to press your own oil. (English) Very informative. (English, technical blurb with regards to health and environment.)

Changing the subject a little, I was told about a very interesting piece of reporting to do with the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. After watching this, and they claim 500 million people have watched the clip, and reading more on the web site, I confirmed what I always thought, a Boeing 757 didn’t hit the Pentagon. Whilst some of the options proposed on the web site are pushing it a bit, it almost imposable to believe that it was a passenger aircraft that did the damage.
Well worth a look at:

The main site is at:

Finally, if you haven’t got Skype yet, do so. The latest version now has video and the sound quality is far better. Best of all…it’s still FREE.



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